Friday, September 17, 2010

technology, how I despise thee! well, at times..............

About two years ago, I purchased a small Vivitar DVR, including camera, video, mp3 player, and voice recorder from HSN for about $40.

At the time, I was thrilled about the fact that I was getting sooooooooo much for such a small price, not unlike when I plunked down  $10,000 for my Kia Rio.

And just like with my Kia Rio, I see now why the price was so low.

The battery went kerpluey and it will cost me about $30-$35 to buy a new one. For a freaking $40 camera.

SUCK IT, VIVITAR!!!!   And just because I feel like it......YOU CAN SUCK IT TOO, KIA!!!!!!


BRUNO said...


But then again, you can't get to work as the HOTT-secretary with that camera, can ya'? That's where even a "lowly, little KIA" is---priceless!

Besides, for 10-grand, that's probably a pretty-nice little KIA!

Hell, just get one of those self-stick Chevy "bow-ties" for the grille, an' nobody'd know the diff anyways......!!!

*Goddess* said...

This is what makes me mad, though. There are about five new machines sitting down there on the railroad that I wanted to take pictures of. I thought the one would be moved by the time I got a closer pic. Instead the damn camera battery is dead! Curses, foiled again! So when I went last night I saw a brand new machine sitting beside the smaller machine and as I walked on down the line, I saw three MORE machines. Damn it! One of the is BOUND to be a rail lifter!

BRUNO said...

Aww, you ain't shittin' ME---you're just lookin' for some HOTT, MUSCULAR MEN, swingin' a quarry-pick!

But you'll more-likely find a big, fat---but still, HOT & SWEATY!---chunk, sittin' in the seat of a spike-driver!

Either that, or some big bull-dyke with an "I ♥ SAILORS!" tattoo on one arm, and one on the other that says, "HURT-ME!".......!☺

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