Friday, September 17, 2010

it's funny how...

....the things you did when you were younger stay fresh in your mind.

When I lived at home, we'd houseclean RELIGIOUSLY spring and fall. Gawd forbid a spider web should form on my mother's watch.

When we housecleaned in the spring, we'd put a sheet blanket on the bed along with our homemade summer quilt. In the fall, we'd take the sheet blanket off and put a cotton blanket on, along with our homemade winter quilts.

I couldn't help but think of this when I was putting the cotton blanket on my bed earlier tonight. The temps are chilly in the evening but I still like to run my fan with the window open and snuggle under the layers of covers. Unfortunately, the cotton sheets are like ice when it gets cooler out, so I swapped them out for the cotton.

Yes, it's Saturday and I fully intend to stay in bed reading most of the day!!


BRUNO said...

I like runnin' the fan-only setting on the room A/C when it cools-down outside, as well. But I do it mostly for the "white-noise", as they call it.

Too many things go "bump" in the night, when it's quiet....!!!

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, my husband has tinnitus and he says having the fan on year round helps him sleep better. Although he hasn't been sleeping good at all lately and we can't figure out why.

BRUNO said...

Kinda like the fable of the lighthouse-keeper of yester-year, when a signal-cannon would be shot every hour, around the clock.

One time, at two-o'clock in the morning, it DIDN'T fire.

Ol' boy sat straight-up in bed, and yelled: "What the hell was that noise?"

(Hmph!!! Get serious on ME, will ya'???)

I feel for your hubby though---I, too, have tinnitus, BAD!

And the silence is, literally---deafening...!