Saturday, September 04, 2010

HA! take that, Bruno!

Bruno is not the only one who can post obscure pictures of stuff his dad stole.

This is a picture of something my great, great grandpappy Ebenezer stole. He worked on the railroad and on his last day, got stinking drunk and drove this thing home in the dead of night. Not as easy feat when you see the wheels on this thing.

Anywho, we've had it sitting in our shed for years and years. (Even though in this picture it LOOKS like it's sitting on train tracks, pay no mind. That's just a photoshop illusion I added to fake up where we're hiding this thang;)

See if YOU can guess what it is!


FHB said...

These times we live in. Bastards!!!

Mushy said...

I likes it!

BRUNO said...

Not sure, but MY guess would be a rail-grinder, for removing the "lip" off the inside of a worn-down rail?

And I'll bet he DID have a bitch-of-a-time gettin' home with it---especially since it ain't SELF-PROPELLED!!!

But, who am I to "nit-pick"....???

BRUNO said...

I wasn't wrong. I just wasn't "quite-right"!

Ain't a grinder/dresser---it's a TIE-TAMPER, for stabilizing the aggregate underneath weather & traffic-loosened ties.

And, it IS "kinda-sorta" self-propelled---but BORING AS HELL to watch!

I'll show ya', when I "get a-round tuit"...!

*Goddess* said...

Ok, I just ASSumed it was one of those machines that lifted the rails so they can slide the connecting plates into place. Or whatever. LOL

BRUNO said...

Damned if you're ASSumption doesn't sound better than mine!!!

Beaten at my own-game---and by a BLONDE, no-less!!!

Man. Sometimes it's just not worth wakin'-up in the mornings, only to "executed" by your peers!(sigh!)

But---I mean---DAMN!!! A frickin' BLONDE, though.....???

BRUNO said...

Yeah, I forgot the "be" in that sentence.

Beaten TWICE now, in less than ONE-day.

And---and---by a frickin'---BLONDE, already!

BOY, is my ass RED from the beatin'...!!!

*Goddess* said...

You know you like it!

BRUNO said...

Boy, you said it!

That's why I'm back for MORE....!!!

BRUNO said...

I'm sorry---but I CAN'T let it go!!! ARRGH-H-H!!!

Are you SURE that's not a Spike-Driver? Because, that WOULD involve "shuffling" the saddle(connecting)-plates around, as well?

Admittedly, I never worked on a line-crew. Couldn't set a straight-tie if my life depended on it!

But if you ask me how to "change-out a set of trucks"? Now, there I can hold my own!

I just "glued-their-toys" back together when they "played" too rough with 'em, LOL...!!!

*Goddess* said...

DUDE! Don't you know I'm just dickin' with ya! I have NO IDEA what that machine does. I just looked up "railroad machines" and copied and pasted the info after changing the words a little:0)

BUT it looks like I'm dead wrong anywho because THIS is the machine that lifts the tracks so the rail road ties can be put underneath.

Now IF it's not gone tomorrow, and I'm sure it will be since I want to take a closer look at it, I'll walk right up to it and snap a better pic. And just my saying so almost guarantees it will be gone...

BRUNO said...

Ahhh, you're not foolin' ME! There's no-way in HELL that you can "dick with me": You're a FEE-male!!!

And don't EVEN start with the "strap-on's" angle, either...!!!


Yep, now THAT'S a tie-setter. Or at least a small-PART of the "circus" that goes with it!

Well, of COURSE it'll be gone---"It's MA-A-A-GIC...!"