Friday, September 17, 2010

it's funny how...

....the things you did when you were younger stay fresh in your mind.

When I lived at home, we'd houseclean RELIGIOUSLY spring and fall. Gawd forbid a spider web should form on my mother's watch.

When we housecleaned in the spring, we'd put a sheet blanket on the bed along with our homemade summer quilt. In the fall, we'd take the sheet blanket off and put a cotton blanket on, along with our homemade winter quilts.

I couldn't help but think of this when I was putting the cotton blanket on my bed earlier tonight. The temps are chilly in the evening but I still like to run my fan with the window open and snuggle under the layers of covers. Unfortunately, the cotton sheets are like ice when it gets cooler out, so I swapped them out for the cotton.

Yes, it's Saturday and I fully intend to stay in bed reading most of the day!!

technology, how I despise thee! well, at times..............

About two years ago, I purchased a small Vivitar DVR, including camera, video, mp3 player, and voice recorder from HSN for about $40.

At the time, I was thrilled about the fact that I was getting sooooooooo much for such a small price, not unlike when I plunked down  $10,000 for my Kia Rio.

And just like with my Kia Rio, I see now why the price was so low.

The battery went kerpluey and it will cost me about $30-$35 to buy a new one. For a freaking $40 camera.

SUCK IT, VIVITAR!!!!   And just because I feel like it......YOU CAN SUCK IT TOO, KIA!!!!!!

OMG if it were so I'd be skinnier than a number two lead pencil...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I was reading....

....a romance novel this weekend in which the heroine's brother was being blackmailed.

I about fell off my chair laughing when she said he was out trying to raise money to pay the blackmailer by selling his mother's KIA!!


As if they're worth Jack Schitt.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

HA! take that, Bruno!

Bruno is not the only one who can post obscure pictures of stuff his dad stole.

This is a picture of something my great, great grandpappy Ebenezer stole. He worked on the railroad and on his last day, got stinking drunk and drove this thing home in the dead of night. Not as easy feat when you see the wheels on this thing.

Anywho, we've had it sitting in our shed for years and years. (Even though in this picture it LOOKS like it's sitting on train tracks, pay no mind. That's just a photoshop illusion I added to fake up where we're hiding this thang;)

See if YOU can guess what it is!

Friday, September 03, 2010

why did i waste my time on this movie too?

Just finished watching Why Did I Get Married, Too from Tyler Perry. Geez, talk about going overboard with drama, then coming up with a trite ending to all their problems. Perry is the king of that in this movie.

SPOILER ALERT! Gavin, husband of Janet Jackson's character dies in the end. The friends all say goodbye to him, then the movie jumps to a year later. Dwayne Johnson comes on and flashes his pearly whites at Janet--thus insuring Perry can bore us with a sequel-- Perry cuts to happy music and it's all over.

There's your neat, little happy ending all tied up with a red ribbon. And there's also two hours and one minute of my life I'll never get back....

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Private eyes are watching you

Because of all the weirdness going on lately, I've decided to make my blog private, too.

Since I don't have a lot of the email addys, if you'd like an invite, leave your addy in the comment section of this post. I've enabled comment moderation so your email addresses will NOT be published.

I know some addys and I'll get to them in a day or two when I have time. Because I hate it when a blog just closes without notice, I'll give you a little time to decide if you want to continue reading or not.