Friday, August 27, 2010

Hollywood, stop it. JUST. STOP. IT.

Playboy playmate Karissa Shannon is claiming that Spencer "stole" her sex tape with Heidi Montag.

Celebs, you're embarrassing yourselves. Only a complete idiot would believe this tape has been "stolen" just like Danielle Staub's tape and Paris Hilton's tape and Pamela Anderson's tape and Rebecca Gayheart's tape and Vince Neil's tape and blah blah BLAH. If it WERE true, shame all of you for being so damn dumb that you can't even hide a video tape in a safe place. Apparently the only sure money in Hollywood lies in the sale of home security alarm systems.

However, celebs, we all know you're getting a cut of the profits and we all know this is yet another way of pimping yourself, and being in porn without the stigma of being in porn. And it's also another way to hone your tired acting skills by acting all outraged and embarrassed. That stolen lie might work on Mom and Dad but it sure ain't working on us.


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