Wednesday, July 14, 2010

well gosh gee golly whiz

Well, gosh, I'm just so happy for Bristol Palin. Seems she and Levi are back together and planning to get married no matter what her mother says. Good old Bristol. She's always had a level head on her shoulders, no impetuousness there.

I think it's wonderful because he was just a model young man after they broke up. Posing for Playboy, saying skank things about her and her family, not visiting his child and doing anything to make a name for himself.

I'm sure they are gonna be super duper happy together for the rest of their lives! Or twelve months, whichever comes first...

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BRUNO said...

Yeah, if'n it'd been YOU & ME, it'd never have made the obits-page, let alone the front-headlines of a monthly-rag.

HEY,NOW---watch it!!!

If'n you're a-gonna throw-up like that, lemme know, so's I kin either MOVE, or git ya' a HAT t' puke-in.....!☺