Monday, July 12, 2010

keepin' it REAL

I was watching Hot in Cleveland last night and there was a scene between Huey Lewis and Wendi Malick. She played an aging groupie and she went to Huey's suite to make out with him, as they tried to recreate their glory days.

First he tried to have sex with her on the credenza and yelled, "Oh, gawd, my knee!" Then he threw her onto the couch and she screamed, "My back!" Then they both tried to get up at the same time and she yelled, "My hair! It's caught in something!" and he said, "It's my Medic Alert bracelet."

LOL! Now THAT'S real sex between middle aged folks:)Not like that crap you see in porn where everyone is perfect.

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Mushy said...

I missed the show, but so glad I didn't miss your post - hilarious.