Friday, July 02, 2010

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I think it's pretty funny that my local electric company has "outage assistance" ONLINE. I'm guessing that if my electricity isn't on, my computer & internet isn't going to be either...

Female Offspring #3 showed me an ad in the local paper for mausoleum crypts for two for only $4,800. Hell, that's more than I paid for the trailer. Hmmmmm, maybe I should just have the offspring "inter" us in the trailer! Lord knows we're pretty much buried under a pile of "stuff" as it is. And I don't think any of them will notice if we suddenly disappear. Permanently.

So we poured yet another $150 into the front brakes of my Rio this week, bringing the grand total to almost $900, including the brake work we had last year and half of this year. The mechanic tossed a paper into my car explaining the disc pad and brake shoe burnish procedure. My favorite part is where it says that I'm to make 20 complete stops and NO PANIC STOPS. Ummm, if a car or a tree jumps out in front of me, new brake shoes or not, I'm making a freaking PANIC STOP whether I want to or not. After all, isn't that the definition of a panic stop?!

We paid $250 to have the front brake shoes and pads replaced last March, so it ranks me that they're bad already. He said, "Oh, it was just one side." Ranks me anyway because they have to replace both sides. However, the guy who does the billing neglected to tell me that the shoes had a two year warranty. Thank goodness I hang on to my receipts. That's $82 I can spend on food or prescriptions. Ok, booze and porn.

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BRUNO said...

I feel ya' pain---I'm only $300.00-behind you! Forked-out HALF, of the $630.00-bill, to replace the radiator in "The Hearse". Next half will be paid after the 21st of this month. Probably be brakes for ME, too, after the August-inspection!

I know that everything wears-out, and needs replaced eventually, but, damn I miss the old-days, when the vehicles were simpler, and I was still able to "fix-or-repair-daily", as needed...!