Saturday, July 31, 2010

i thee will think about wedding thou

Well, well, well, who could have seen this coming? Apparently Levi Johnston impregnated his former gf before he reconciled with Bristol Palin. Geez, and he seemed like such a swell, stand up guy.

My favorite line in this article?

"Palin is so upset that she's rethinking her upcoming nuptials with Johnson, the father of her son, sources said."

You go, gurl! You THINK about it! Don't cancel it! Don't admit to yourself that the guy is a total jerk and you and your child deserve better, just THINK ABOUT CANCELING. Because I bet he's gonna change entirely when you marry him. And if he doesn't---"if"...LOLOLOLOL!--you can always go on the Dr. Phil show and cry about how you've been wronged and you never saw it coming.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, gawd, I need some tissues to wipe the tears from my eyes.

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Deputy's Wife said...

BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA is all I have to say about this. :)