Saturday, June 12, 2010

maybe I'm too much of a romantic but....

I don't think ANY of these guys are Jesus. I think He's gonna be much better looking than these clowns. And I don't think Jesus is going to sell us anything or wear expensive white suits. I also don't think Jesus is going to take advantage of people by making them work for Him all week and only earn $2 a day. Most importantly, I don't think Jesus is going to have the sleaze factor these guys do.

I've never seen one of these faux Jesus losers yet who live in poverty or live below their means like Jesus would.

How does that song go? "It's all about the money, It's all 'bout the dum dum deedle dum dum.......


BRUNO said...

MY favorite "religious-rant" is by none other than the "Reverend" Jim Whittington, many years ago. And, to this day, I pull it out for use at every chance I get!

It goes:

"Money, is(pause)---E-E-EVIL-L-L!!!"

"But---if YOU'LL send ME your evil-money(pause)---then I'LL take the e-e-vil OUT of it!!!"

Don't see nothin' about a RETURN-policy, here, though?

And people would STILL send him their damned-money, along with that infamous "Pray For Me"-drawing of their hand print.

He did NOTHING they themselves couldn't/hadn't already have done---but it made 'em FEEL-GOOD, I guess???

A guilty-conscience is a powerful-thing, indeed....!

BRUNO said...

A Russian POLICEMAN??? Did I hear that right? Or is my tinnitus acting-up again?

And the poor-bloke with NO followers? Geez, I can smell the ale from here!!!

Now, that gook there has his act together,lol!

And I can say GOOK, because I have NO RESPECT, for his sort of "ilk" in this lifetime.

Although I admittedly had one HELL of a good-laugh, listening to him defend his "savior-ness"...!!!

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, it amazes me how the religious folks are always begging for money and living the good life with our money, while telling us money is bad for us. Gotta love that people fall for that twisted logic.

Shrinky said...

Well, OBVIOUSLY he 'ain't the real Gordinzolla, 'cos I am, of course.. (Send me all your cash, and I'll come talk about it.)