Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I don't get it

Sarah Ferguson says she could NEVER ask her ex husband for money because they're divorced. Yet she had no problem promising access to him in exchange for $40,000 behind his back. And when the guy agreed to $40k, she tried to up it to $700k.

She keeps going on and on about how she got a shitty deal in her divorce settlement. But then in the next breath, she'll talk about what good friends she is with her ex.

Hell, if they're such good friends, why wouldn't you ask the rich bastard to float you some money?! He's wealthy and the father of her kids.

I don't get it. Unless he knows where her money is really going.


BRUNO said...

You've been wastin' your time with that damned-OPRAH again, ain't ya'???

*Goddess* said...

No, on that damned INTERNET again:) Get with it, old man!

BRUNO said...

TV's-busted again, eh?

I'm too old for those fancy-schmantzy lap-tops.(Ain't got no lap no-mo'!)And, to top it off, I still use Windows XP!

I just LOVE "Retro"! It's so---ME!!!☺

*Goddess* said...

Don't go patting yourself on the back for using XP. I use it, too...lol