Monday, May 24, 2010

Kia update and/or a girl's guide to getting screwed without experiencing an orgasm

Ok, I got my sweet 'lil Kia back.

And while some people think only "idiots buy Kias," I know that I worked my ass off working 12 and 14 hour days, and I made every single payment on that car myself. I didn't buy a car that was too damn expensive for me and default on my loan, I bought a brand new car that I could afford. Maybe the real issue here is not me being an idiot, but American car manufacturers being greedy with their big gas guzzlers and their expensive cars. Or as Einstein would say, FUCK OFF.

The backing plate on the driver's side rear brake was completely bent. So much so that the pad had come completely off. So she got new rear brake shoes, they unbent the plate, new rear wheel cylinders, and some power steering fluid. All of that cost a mere $288. Oh, and fifty two cents. $109 for parts and a friggin' 162 for labor.

Now we only have to figure out why my power steering fluid was low in the first place.


BRUNO said...

Ya' mean it DID have "shoes"??? I'd have sworn it'd had "disks"!

Wonder how the plate got bent?(You ain't been backin'-over parking-blocks again, have you???)

Your "shortage" of P.S.-fluid? Most likely just wear & tear. Possibly a small-"seep-leak" on the hose fitting, when the system is under-pressure in a sharp-turn.

Get you a small bottle of seal-conditioner, treat as directed, and in another couple-hunnert miles, it'll leak like NEW again!(Get the "name-brand"-stuff, like WYNN'S, etc. Don't mess with the "cheap"-shit!) It's worth the difference in price!

Ironic ain't it, how the LABOR is almost always literally HALF the price???

*Goddess* said...

Yeah, well what shocked the hell out of me was the labor was 1 1/2 times the cost of the parts! Usually it fairly well evens out.

I don't know how this would have affected the rear left brake shoe, but the snow plow took out a huge chunk of asphalt on our road during the winter and we had a really bad snow. Of course, we all know I can only get up the hill by gunning it:) and I totally forgot about that chunk--but I couldn't miss it anyway, it takes up half the road--my FRONT tire came down so hard, I thought I flattened it. That's why I'm confused as to why it affected the back, that's the only thing I KNOW I hit. I heard someone hit that spot the other day when I was at the computer, and SHIT was it ever loud. And that was without the benefit of SOME snow.

I'll let my husband know about the seal conditioner because Friday we have to take it to get INSPECTED...oy! The guy said "Don't you want us to do it today? It's only $42." Yeah, right. ONLY $42 on top of almost $300. Thank God we paid the mortgage off. All the extra $ is going right into the cars!

BRUNO said...

Yeah, that could do it, alright! It'd been like a bowlin' ball, during the winter-temps!

Well, at least THIS time, you didn't have to order the parts by Orient-Express....!☺

BBC said...

I've always wanted a throw away car that most parts had to come from a dealer.

"So she got new rear brake shoes, they unbent the plate, new rear wheel cylinders, and some power steering fluid. All of that cost a mere $288. Oh, and fifty two cents. $109 for parts"

Geez, new brake shoes and wheel cylinders for my Dodge would have only been about fifty bucks.

But your labor wasn't that bad if you stop to think about it, only about two hours at today's labor rates.

Here's an idea, learn how to do your own repairs, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to learn how to do most car repairs and I'm living proof of that.

Never mind, you're too busy watching TV and movies and getting really smart. Maybe in a future life you'll get smart about learning how to do things for yourself instead of just being a blond. :-)

Have you looked up KIA in consumer reports? It would be smarter of you to buy a used Toyota or Honda the next time.

Oh, I'm not supposed to fucking say anything here so this comment is a figment of your delusions.

*Goddess* said...

Here's hoping that in a future life you're a Catholic woman with about eight kids....:)

BRUNO said...

Damn, if THAT'S the future---I hope to hell that I still come back as a Protestant, yet again.....!

BBC said...

Will trade auto repairs for sex, but you gotta give me a free sample first to see if you are worth a fuck.

My mother was a Catholic and believe me she got more sex than you ever will. She loved confession so she could get a clean slate and go screw more men.

*Goddess* said...

Free sample? LOL...yeah, I'll just continue to pay for my repairs, thanks.

BRUNO said...

I hope he's talkin' to YOU, 'cause MY hemorrhoids couldn't handle the stress...LOL!☺