Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kendra's sex tape

I think the most shocking thing about Kendra's sex tape is the guy she did it with. Major EWWWWW! Worse yet? Dude left his fucking socks on. Nothing screams "NERD!!" like a guy having sex in his tube socks.

I can understand his motivation for releasing the tape: there's no one on the planet who is going to believe that HE did it with Kendra unless they see the proof.

I can understand why she's pretending to be all upset about it: because she slept with HIM, AND she let him record it for all eternity. Nope, there's no way for her to EVER get over that image of him munching between her legs.

Even more I understand why her husband said she had to "hold her head up high" when the tape was released: HE was embarrassed she slept with that guy, too!

Oddly enough, this guy was smart enough to follow the sex videotape rule of thumb: ONLY allow yourself to be videoed having sex with someone better looking than you are. Too bad Kendra didn't know it.


BRUNO said...

OK, now it's MY-turn: Who the HELL is Kendra, and WHY should I care?

Man, do you REALLY pay for CABLE, to listen & look at that crap?

Shit, GOLF used to be the biggest waste of televised-time, well, before TIGER "ruined" it, an' turned it into a new-style of gossip....!

*Goddess* said...

Kendra=one of Hef's old gf's. Which is why this whole acting ashamed thing is even FUNNIER. She slept with a man old enough to be her grandpa and didn't think anything of it!

And no, I don't "watch" this stuff. Have you people heard of this thing called "the internets"? lol

BRUNO said...

Oh, yeah.(blush)Forgot about THAT!

(S' what happens when ya' turn GREY, following BLONDE! Well, OK: Light BROWN, that is!)

Damned kids! Think you're so smart!

(Hmph! Grunt! Mumble......!)

Mushy said...

Hey, if you gals didn't take so long, our feet wouldn't get cold!

*Goddess* said...

You guys just don't know how to get our motors running quickly enough:)

BRUNO said...

Motor, HELL!

Most OLD, BLONDE-women ain't nuthin' but a FRAME, an' a leaky REAR-END!!!

(Nah, she'll NEVER figger it out---she's of the "FRONT-WHEEL-DRIVE"-era...!)☺