Saturday, May 29, 2010

it has been a FABULOUS week!

My Kia repairs = $289
My Kia inspection= $45
Mr. G's Ford's inspection and repairs =$165
My root canal=$300
Grand total $ OUT this week=$799 just a little less than what we take in for an ENTIRE MONTH.


No fucking wonder people are going broke in this county.


BRUNO said...

Ah-ah-ah---you forgot GROCERIES!

And, GAS!

Although that root-canal MAY help cut-down the consumption of the food, 'til NEXT-check!

"Get in line, an' pick a damned-number....!"

*Goddess* said...

Trust me, when you're putting out that much in one week, groceries go by the board, beyond bread and lunch meat.

BRUNO said...

Hell, I trust you're intuition---even if you are BLONDE!

(That was cute, wasn't it? Amazing what one can come-up with, if they read the taskbar once in a while...!)

BRUNO said...

Oh, sorry: YOUR-intuition!

Ain't had my V-8 this morning yet!

Good stuff, it is.

Makes ya' shit-slick.......!