Saturday, May 29, 2010

hmmm, could Billy have been a gunslinger in his youth?

Uh huh, fess up, Billy.
We know that's you on the cover
with your gun and your
cancer stick!


BRUNO said...

There ya' go again Goddess---pokin' the ol' bear so's to hear 'im GROWL!!! LOL!

Yessiree, the GOOD-old days---when the MEN were REAL-MEN, an' the WOMEN were DAMNED-GLAD of it......!

*Goddess* said...

No, he said he wasn't coming back, remember?

BRUNO said...

Yeah, you little troublemaker!

You KNOW he's here!

Why else would that knot-hole in your back-yard fence suddenly be wet with saliva...???

(Oh no, no, no---I'VE never been there---I'm just sayin'...!!!)