Saturday, May 08, 2010

has anyone else noticed....

..that the 18 oz $3.99 size of Oreo Cookies has been downsized to the 11 ounce $2.25 size, and that the three sleeves of cookies is now two?

Has anybody else noticed that the filling in the Oreo Cookies is now so sparse that when you try to suck the filling out the cookie breaks, and that the amount of filling in the Double Stuff is what they used to have in the regular Oreo Cookies?

And has anyone else been crying and wailing, and losing sleep over this?

Yeah, me neither.

Carry on.


BRUNO said...

Yeah, and the Little Debbie Cherry Cordial cakes are now the size of DEER-turds, as opposed to the earlier HORSE-turd size? And costs about 35¢-more per-box? And what is in the center of them no longer resembles CHERRY-jelly?

Filling between the OREO's? Hell, that ain't filling---that's MOLD from people NOT buyin' 'em anymore...!

Mushy said...

Only you would notice!