Monday, May 24, 2010

drop dead diva

Billy, you'll want to skip this post. Just jump into your car with the "I heart camping," the "I'd rather be camping" and the "my other car is a camper" bumper stickers on it and go camping. That will save you from having to post your "go get a job," "I don't watch tv, I don't know what you're talking about" and "you watch too much tv" comments. Just thinking of you.

Ok, so over the weekend between looking for a job, cooking, cleaning, worshiping at the feet of my husband and hunting for big game animals to feed my family (does that cover everything I should be doing, Billy? Yeah, cuz I know you're still reading even though I SPECIFICALLY told you not to and even thought I put the warning in BOLD PRINT!), I watched five episodes of the first season of Drop Dead Diva on Hulu. (In case you're interested, the entire season is available there until June 6th.)

If you haven't seen the show (and we know you haven't, Billy) it's basically a shallow minded, thin girl in the body of a smart, hard working fat girl. Fat girl gets shot, skinny girl dies on the way to an audition to be a Price is Right model and she ends up in the body of the fat girl.

While I love the premise--I think it's a novel idea and very clever--I have 2 problems with the show:

A. I wish they had given us an almost entire episode with Jane's character before Deb took over her thoughts. We have no idea what Jane was really like before the switch, so we don't know how different she seems to her co-workers now. We were able to glean bits and pieces of her character when Jane went back to her old apartment--the HUGE portrait of her with her cat over the couch was hilarious!--but she basically stayed in one room and the scene was brief. We got that she collected plates and loved cats. That's it. I would liked to have seen Jane in action at home, her job, with friends, etc., so we could see how different Jane is/was before Deb "arrived".

B. It PISSES ME NO END that they show Jane (Brooke Elliot) aka the fat one, EATING garbage junk food all the time. I think she's been eating in every episode I've seen so far. I don't see the skinny girls eating donuts, cupcakes, pizza or malted milk balls. I saw one skinny guy pick up a piece of licorice, but I don't know that he ever took a bite. Way to reinforce the stereotype that overweight people sit around bingeing on junk food every day.


BBC said...

I don't recall you asking me not to visit your blog and comment but since you made it so clear I can honor that for you and will remove the link to your blog from my favorites.

and hunting for big game animals to feed my family (does that cover everything

I didn't know that you had a gun but if you don't and can't find a job maybe you should fucking well get one and go after some big game.

The price of ammo is fixed, better to shoot a big critter than a small one. More bang for the buck that way.

Peaceful trails then, it's not like I give a shit if you like me or not even if I did like you.

*Goddess* said...

While I'm out there hunting, I'll see if I can find you a sense of humor.

BBC said...

Lady, you just don't get my sense of humor and that's okay with me because many didn't get Einsteins sense of humor either.

And none of his friends would have bought a KIA, hell, only idiots buy KIA's... :-)

BBC said...

You would think that you would appreciate your followers a little more being as you only have about three of them. :-)

*Goddess* said...

*cue tiny violins*

You're telling me I don't get your sense of humor when you read my post then threaten to take your toys (and link) and go home? Yeah, you have a GREAT sense of humor AND TONS of followers!!!

*Goddess* said...

Oh, you're equating yourself with Einstein now? Thanks for the laugh. I really needed that.

BRUNO said...

At the risk of gettin' my knuts pinned on a dart-board for targets: This series of postings would be GREAT, if you put them to the theme of the old "Chicken-Man" radio-series!

I "croak" every time I still hear that deep-voiced narrator:


"Is this the end for the "Crusading-Capon???"

"Will Commissioner Norton save the "Feathered-Fighter's" neck from being rung, once again???"

"Will the venerable Miss Helfinger be able to juggle the books, so as to make funding available for fighting injustice in Midland City, where "rime runs crampant"???

"Tune in tomorrow, when we'll hear the "Winged-Warrior" say:

"Miss Helfinger, I need you to polish my pecker for battle---it seems to be getting dingy, from non-usage as of late!".....