Saturday, April 03, 2010

woof woof

BG sent me a link to this book, and I won't give the name because it's just coming out and it might be a very good book.

However, the description leaves much to be desired. Here it is from Amazon:

"The long, lean deputy couldn't hide his fascination with the mystery lady he'd discovered. Something about her vulnerability, her wistfulness drew Brady Donovan as no one else ever had. In fact, when she left the hospital, he named her "Lass" and brought her to his family's ranch to finish recuperating.

But as the attraction between them grew, Brady fought contradictory urges. He wanted to claim Lass as his own—but what if she was already spoken for? Why was she abandoned on the side of the road—and why was no one searching for her? In the end, would Brady's own heart be lost…or found?"

He named her "Lass"? He brought her home to his ranch to recuperate? She was abandoned on the side of the road? At times, it's hard to tell if they're talking about a woman or a dog!

BTW, naming a woman "Lass"? Wow, that took a lot of thought....LOL!

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BRUNO said...

Well, it SOUNDS more like a dog, but still---"fought contradictory urges."

Beastiality at the least. Shaky grounds for romance either way, for certain.....!