Saturday, April 03, 2010

plop plop fizz fizz oh what a sweet drink it is

Remember my post of not that long ago about Fizzies and how much we loved them as kids?

Oddly enough, my husband came home from grocery shopping the other day and said, "Guess what they had at the store?! FIZZIES!"

I didn't have to ask if he bought any, he was so damn thrilled to see them return. They had grape but no root beer. My husband learned quickly the first rule of good Fizzies: icy cold water. Lukewarm grape just doesn't cut it.

This weekend, Female Offspring #1 came home for Easter and said, "What's the big deal with these Fizzies?" Apparently her father hit her up with the "guess what they had at the store?!" story, too.

I said, "For you, a generation who had access to soda and Kool Aid any time you wanted it, nothing. For those of us who didn't get all the soda we wanted, they were a huge deal."

She said, "The no soda thing was that because Grandma was too cheap or they didn't have soda when you were little?"

I said, "Puhleeze, don't even try that "older than dirt"shit with me. EVERYTHING I lacked in my childhood--yes, including that freaking Chrissy doll!!--was because Grandma was too cheap."

Then I tried to explain to her how thrilling it was to have at your disposal eight delicious glasses of something OTHER than water or milk or gawd forbid, powdered milk, simply by dropping a little tablet into water. She. Just. Didn't. Get. It.


BRUNO said...

Damn! I was positive these things had went the way of Mercurichrome-treated Band-Aids, and REAL-cork stoppers for First Aid bottles!

"Action-Tablets", indeed! Allow to dissolve, drink, wait 30-seconds, an' puke your toes out!

Always a "hit", giving even the dullest-party a boost!!

Or, a "hurl".....!

BRUNO said...

BTW, how much are they, for a pack of eight, now?

If they're more than a quarter, you're STILL gettin' ripped-off, even years-later!

*Goddess* said...

Slightly more than a quarter....$1.99.

BRUNO said...

You're shittin' me!?

Well, it IS under two-bucks, at least.

The wizard-"Fizzared" looks like he's had one-too-many speedys, an' is on his way back-down.

Now, is that the "new"-version of the packet? I figure it'd be against the law to say "DABBA-Do-cHEER, MAKE THIS Root BEER!" in public nowadays?

Last time I said somethin' like THAT, I was wakin'-up after surgery...!!!

*Goddess* said...

No, that's the way old packaging, Bruno. The new one shows, OF COURSE, that dangable Mr. KoolAid on the front.

BRUNO said...

Well, hell! After I think about it---it'd HAVE TO be the "oldie".

Otherwise, it'd have an Official Government Health Warning on it!

Although I don't know WHY it would---I doubt if anyone today could keep it DOWN long-enough, to do them any harm...!