Friday, April 23, 2010


I canNOT win with my kids. I am SO TIRED of them accusing me of being self-serving and self-absorbed. (Wait, are those two things the same? My Thesaurus is holding up the left front corner of the couch...)

As most of you know, I try sooooo hard to be Mother of the Year--ok I try sooo hard to win that trophy...and I wouldn't turn down the money portion of that award either. Point is, I do anything I can to make my 16 offspring happy.

You know how I mentioned that one of the ways I save money is by buying one Halloween costume that must be shared among two of the offspring? Well, I start searching out bargains as early as I can so I have the costumes all bought by Halloween because you know how picky kids can be. "I don't want to wear Huckleberry Hound! Nobody knows who he is!" Puhleeze. Who doesn't know Huckleberry Hound? He's like coolsville, DaddiO.

So this year, Male Offspring #5 and #6 will have to share a costume. I took into account their personalities and their likes. One likes twine and one likes Jesus, and I bought them this costume, which I think is PERFECT for them:

And all I asked in return for letting them wear this way groovy costume was that they wear this badge:

Would you believe they actually turned on me and said the costume was all about me? That I was selfish! ME?! ME?! I don't see it. Those little ungrateful brats.

BTW, I blurred that kid's face out because I don't think he should have to live with the shame of wearing those tight, stretchy pants on the internet for the rest of his life. You just know that seconds after he becomes world famous, someone is going to find this costume picture and humiliate the hell out of him.


BBC said...

A true mother of the year speaks lightly and carries a big stick, and sticks with she says is the law in her space.

After we got to about nine years old it was up to us to come up with our own damn costumes, and pay for them. It teaches kids how to be creative, and that things in life isn't free.

BRUNO said...

The "cop-boy" looks like Cato, the Green Hornets' sidekick!

I always preferred the 'Hornet over Batman.....!

*Goddess* said...

I know OF Green Hornet, but I don't think I've ever seen the show. When I was younger, I couldn't miss an ep of Batman, that would have been a mortal sin, but when Mr. G and I watched them not that long ago....OMG, they were! They were so campy and downright dumb that it was frightening:)