Friday, April 23, 2010

i thank God for all the handy men in this world

A piece broke off of the weed eater, and I called to order it, thinking the number on it was the part number.

Turned out it wasn't.

The guy said, "Let's try this, what does the part do?"


Doesn't he know I'm BLONDE, damn it?!

I said, "Ok, but this isn't going to be pretty. You start the weed eater, then you press this thingy and that makes the thingy with the cord in it go around."

He said, "And which thingy do we want?"

I said, "The thingy you press."

He said, "Ok, that thingy is a throttle trigger."

I looked online a while ago and found it. Lo and behold, he was exactly right!


BRUNO said...


Husqvarna? Stihl? Maybe Toro?

Or, D.: None of the above?

*Goddess* said...

OMG, another really handy man! you were dead on... Stihl!

BRUNO said...

Damn I'm good!!! (Not like there was only THREE-choices, with that color.)☺

And it's relatively CHEAP, too, isn't it? Maybe around $12.95? Although that price is for an aftermarket "just-like-a-Stihl"-replacement.

Depends on where ya' order it from...

*Goddess* said...

I think they quoted him nine something from the mower store, which is downright crazy for a stupid piece of plastic, but whaddya gonna do?

Damn, you are good at this!

BRUNO said...

Yeah, but I cheated.

I looked it up through an online distributor that I "haunt" regularly...☺