Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I gave my notice today

I was watching Oprah today and she was talking to people who were working their dream jobs. One woman said, "I love my job. I've never sat on the edge of the bed and said I didn't want to go to work today."

Well, that would describe at least one day a week for me since I took this day job back in October. Dear Lord, has it been THAT LONG?!

So, when the opportunity presented itself today, I gave notice. I've been hoping for another job to open up and supposedly it's going to in May, but now I'm at the point where I don't even care. I was trying to hang on until the last minute but this job is JUST. KILLING. MY. SOUL.

From the very first day the bitter old woman told me I "wasn't worth" what she was paying me, as if she was paying me $5000 an hour. My stomach just sank and I felt utter despair. And that's no exaggeration.

Well, I gutted it out all these months, but I've totally had it. I'm moving on to someone who will appreciate me and to a job I LOVE. I just know it and I accept it as true. And so it is.


Meadowlark said...

A bad job is just not worth it. The universe (or God, in my case) will provide when the time is right.

I wish you peace.

*Goddess* said...

I know He's going to provide in my case, too, thanks, and it's going to be something I LOVE:)

BRUNO said...

Nothin' worse than having to FORCE yourself to work every day(or night). It will, and does, indeed take a toll on the mind & body.

Didn't think I'd ever see my wife workin' sub-contract maintenance jobs in a hard-hat, either. She doesn't LOVE it, but she also does not DREAD going to work anymore, either.

Of course, being your own boss MAY have something to do with that...?

Jana said...

Good for you that you are no longer stuck in a job that was bad for you. Here's wishing you the best for your new job!

Gia's Spot said...

I agree, no job is worth your soul or your smile! That next door is just beyond your sight up ahead, relax, regroup and return to the living!
Happy feet to you!

*Goddess* said...

Thanks, everyone.

Yeah, Bruno, she might have *something* to do with the dread I feel every morning. I used to be physically sick before work, at least I got over that!

BRUNO said...

And you thought you were ONLY pregnant...!☺