Friday, March 05, 2010

time for another FIVE THINGS FRIDAY!!

Tell me your 5 favorite junk or comfort foods.

Mine are:
1. Dove Milk Chocolate Promises
2. Diet Pepsi
3. Macaroni and Cheese...YUM!!
4. Pizza
5. A GOOD chocolate chip cookie


BRUNO said...

1. In the morning---TWO sausage/egg combos, NOT from the fast-food dumps, and a Coke ZERO. As needed!
2. ONE Hershey Chocolate bar, sometime during the day---NO almonds!
3. Mac and Cheese w/tuna, peas added.(Bacon is good added, too!)
4. Cheeseburger, or pizza, or meatloaf w/mashed(as in instant!)potatoes. (And, YES, I really DO like meatloaf, IF it's made to MY specs!)
5. A medium-size shaved ham or turkey-sandwich, about an hour before bedtime.

You only asked for FIVE, which explains the absence of the other TWENTY, or so...!

*Goddess* said...

I do the Mac & Cheese w/tuna or salmon, but not the peas.

And what are you meatloaf 'specs', if I may ask? Are you a bread crumb, wet bread or cracker crumb kinda guy?

BRUNO said...

The PEAS cover-up the GREENISH-look of the TUNA that was left uncovered too long---LOL!(Parsley works well, too!)

DRY-crumb ONLY. Occasionally crackers, IF available. Actually, I used crushed RICE-CHEX once---not bad!(Damned cereal-prices are outrageous nowadays!)Once made the mistake of using Minute-Oats.

That one won't happen on MY watch, anymore!

I'll hafta post some of my "alternative-recipes for cheap-chefs" sometime.

And, NO, I promise: I WILL NOT include my trademark recipe for "Scrambled Eggs A La 1971"...!

*Goddess* said...

And why not?!

You should post those. My mother could post a ton, too. They'd include a looooot of "meal stretchers" aka, rice, macaroni, spaghetti, bread...

BRUNO said...

"And why not?"

Were you referring to the "Scrambled-Eggs"-recipe here?

C'mon now. Are you tellin' me you DON'T remember THAT particular combo, from a past-posting?

I'll only bring it up if YOU ask!

(Now, THAT was a bad-choice of words, fer-shure!)