Thursday, March 04, 2010

this first story highlights why... should always pay attention to detail.

Sheriff: Kidnapping Suspect Faked Pregnancy

It turns out the 19 year-old woman who took a baby boy from a westside couple, pretending to be a DCF worker, was trying to cover up a fake pregnancy.

Sheriff John Rutherford appeared on CNN Wednesday night, saying Jasmine White kidnapped 3 week-old Melvin Duclos Tuesday.

Rutherford says White told her mother, who she lives with, that he was a baby girl.

"She had actually told her mom this was a female baby, it was all dressed in pink".

But Rutherford says White's story unraveled quickly.

"They go to change the diaper, it was a little boy. And she was astounded".

White was arrested, and the baby has been returned to his parents.


May I just add that when I was in grade school I LOVED Jawbreakers? The purple ones especially. And sometimes I would try to shove as many of them into my mouth as I could at one time without choking. Yeah, that was the "prize": not choking. But I don't recall loving them so much that I'd do a total stranger to get one....

I'm wondering if she actually specified "Jawbreaker candy" because when I think oral sex and "jawbreaker" I ain't thinking candy...

I can hardly believe this story. Dr. Drew has a STALKER?! Good grief, what's he after? Free medical advice? One thing is for sure, you can tell the guy has mental issues. I mean, come on. Dr. Drew?!

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