Wednesday, March 31, 2010

stop running these damn commercials!!

They make me sad!!!!

But I love voice of the dog in this one. It's purrfect! I love when the dog "says," "I've done nothing--uh oh." LOL!

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BRUNO said...

Yeah, ALL of those kinds "bug"-me, too---dogs-n'-cats alike.

But---just like I tell my wife---be GLAD that WE can say, in all honesty:

"Well, it doesn't NOW, or will it EVER, apply to US. I wish they'd show the people who do things like this in the SAME predicament, getting the SAME results."

I despise "humans"---to use the term loosely---who dump animals in rural areas, "for the better of the animal."

All the poor animal learns is how to survive. Or die trying.

A lot of HUMANS could learn a humble lesson from dumped ANIMALS, who were once considered "cute, cuddly."

Then they made the mistake of GROWING-UP.

I'll stop at that. Don't wanna preach a sermon! The subject just opened a "can of worms", if you will...!