Thursday, March 25, 2010

no, no, NO!!!!

I'm sorry, but the very LAST THING I want to see as I'm guiltily woofing down a Whopper is my OWN DAMN FACE staring back at me!! What is this? Some sort of sick weight loss plan?!

I told my husband and this and ever the practical guy, he said, "Why don't they just lower prices?"


BBC said...

Burger King shut down here, I wish I could have a Whopper.

BRUNO said...

Hell, if I could bend-over far enough anymore, I'd MOON the sons-of-bitches!

But then I'd end-up having to buy TWO of 'em, for "the full-effect"!

Could ya' just imagine a BURGLAR about now???

And here you are in court, with the evidence being a damned-HAMBURGER wrapper, with your face on it.

You'd better pray for probation, and credit for time served...!

Mushy said...

Ah, now everyone would want to see a cute and cuddly puppy face on their wrapper. So what's wrong with your face?