Wednesday, March 03, 2010

no explanation necessary...

Poster of the Day


BRUNO said...

Now that's not nice! Don't your fingers feel "dirty" now, after having written that?☺

OBAMA would fit-in there quite well, too---but I don't think it's gonna take him that long to accomplish such, anymore!☻

I guess we COULD embalm McCain and/or Biden in 2012, an' stick whoever "wins" upright in a corner somewhere, for what good either of them might do?

I'd still like to see Condoleeza Rice make a run for it. Now THERE'S a bitch with BALLS!

I say that with RESPECT, that is...!!!

(There! That oughta start a fight!)

FHB said...

Aaahahahaha! Yea, that'd be a good sign of it.