Friday, March 12, 2010

it's Five Things Friday!!

Tell me your five favorite books.


Meadowlark said...

World War Z (Brooks)
A book ostensibly about the zombie wars but really an indictment of humanity and the political system.

Travels with Charley (Steinbeck)
America at it's best - a man and his dog go a'travelin'

Fluke (Moore)
One of the most unique, off-the-wall, humorous books I'd read for some time.

The Last Day (Kleier)
Just read it. A suspense and yet it was (for me) a book of faith. Not everyone sees it that way, but I did.

Any collection of stories - Hemingway, Poe, Dorothy Parker, Andre Dubus, Amy Bloom.

I love words, what can I say.

BRUNO said...

In order of appearance, so to speak:

1. Puddin'head Wilson/Clemens

2. The Martian Chronicles/Bradbury

3. Clear The Decks/Gallery

4. The Bear In The Attic/McManus

5. TM 31-210---Improvised Munitions
Handbook, ©1969/"Uncle Sam"
(Didn't see THAT one comin', did
ya'? Works GREAT on groundhogs
an' ant-hills!)


5.5---The Bible, American Standard Edition/Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and at least 12-others...!

*Goddess* said...

Damn. After reading both of your lists, it's clear I need to get out of the romance section of the book store and browse around....I'm not familiar with ANY of those books.

*Goddess* said...

When my father was alive--well, obviously when he was alive--he used his high powered rifle to shoot groundhogs in the garden. HOW IN THE WORLD he ever got away with shooting a rifle in a residential neighborhood is beyond me!

BRUNO said...

It's all in "THAT"-book, as to HOW he did it!

But, I'll bet you really DON'T wanna know, do ya'? Or else you'd have asked!

And, I've even got an ORIGINAL hard-cover version of Puddin'head Wilson. Sister left it to me, and I think Paternal-Grandma left it to her?

So, it's got a lot of "miles" on it, but probably still worth a pretty-good sized pile of pennies.

But the only way it'll EVER get sold is after I'm dead, an' have no further authority on such...!

BRUNO said...

And, ONE FULL DAY later, from my original post---I sit corrected! It's spelled Pudd'nhead, and Clemens DID use his alias of Twain, instead.(My copy shows a ©-date of 1899, by Olivia L. Clemens.)

Now I feel "vindicated"!

And I think you'd get a laugh out of "The Bear In The Attic", by Patrick F. McManus. His books remind me just a little-bit of "That Clemens-Fella" readers always refer to...!

*Goddess* said...

Actually I think I DO know how Dad got away with the skin of his teeth because there were several houses directly in his line of fire! Then again, I guess that high powered scope paid for
Hmm, I wonder who got his, why am I asking, I'm sure it was my brother.

Is the Tragedy of Pudd'nhead the same book? Actually Pudd'nhead sounds rather interesting, as does The Bear in the Attic.

BRUNO said...

Probably same character, but I doubt the same book? I'm no book-scholar, by ANY means---I've just read a few that I've bought/borrowed/stolen over the years.☺

Full-title of book: "Pudd'nhead Wilson, And Those Extraordinary Twins". Google-it sometime. Interesting story behind the title!

And to ME, "Bear In The Attic" by McManus is just ass-bustin' funny! Chock-FULL of sarcastic-comebacks!

As for "Clear The Decks", by Ret. Adm. Daniel V. Gallery, it's naval/military humor, mixed with just enough TRUTH to make it interesting!

And, maybe your Dad was "just keeping honest-people honest", in the process, as well, eh???