Saturday, March 06, 2010

i'm every woman, it's all in me

When I started my night job over a year ago, the woman I took care of LOVED the Real Housewives series on Bravo. And I started watching it, too. But no more…and here’s why:

It occurred to me yesterday that the male (lack of) “brains” behind the Real Housewives shows could very well be misogynists, and the supposedly smart women on the show are actually stupid.

Or vain enough not to care they’re being used.

Not sure which.

Let’s think about it: the producers throw a bunch of sexy, rich, beautiful women together and make them look like classless, bitchy, bitter, money grubbing assholes. They show the women at their absolute WORST: flaunting relationships with married men, physically fighting and LOTS of name calling.

The women derive their joy and glee from reveling in each other’s problems and the more severe the problem, the more they delight in it. Oh, they fake a little concern now and then, and some hide behind Jesus, like when someone loses a home or when their marriage is on the rocks or their health is in jeopardy, but they’re right back at the digs and jabs in the next scene. One minute they’ll be complimenting each other ever so sincerely–”You look beautiful!”–and the next they flash to that same woman making fun of the person–“What IS she wearing?!”

Two faced much?

The folks behind the show dump women who aren’t bitchy and catty enough because that doesn’t get ratings. The ones who fight and scream and throw tables are the ones who get all the camera time.

Yep, misogynists.

Female Producers, what’s your excuse? How could you participate in this denigrating charade?

I have heard people say the Real Housewives is “their guilty little pleasure.” Translation: we think it gives us a legitimate excuse to tear other people down and be as bitchy as the "Housewives".

Now we have some “Housewives” who are smart enough to realize they didn’t come off as sincere and nice last season, so they’re faking that this time around. How sad.

True friendships can never survive this sort of hateful environment and the show proves that out. Every time a new season comes on, the women who were friends before, are now enemies.

What amazes me is that the “brains” behind the show are able to lure these supposedly intelligent women into this scam. I’m guessing it makes them feel important–they’re celebs!!—but I wonder if they realize how they REALLY look?

I wonder if they realize they’re being mocked every bit as much as they mock their cast mates?

I wonder if they realize they’re perpetuating the stereotype of the rich, materialistic bitch?

I wonder if they realize this behavior LOWERS them, instead of elevates them? I wonder if they realize the money isn’t worth it when you’ve lost your authentic self?

I wonder if they realize all the money they’ve made these men by their sad behavior? Well, some of them must because now they're demanding more money to degrade themselves. One couldn't get more money, walked and then claimed it was because she was "above all the drama".

I wonder if they realize they’re perpetuating the myth that two strong women can’t be close friends? That other women canNOT be trusted?

I wonder if they realize? And more importantly, I wonder if they CARE?
I have realized that watching the show brings out a bitchiness in me that I don’t like, and that’s why I won’t be watching anymore. I got sucked into it for too long, but I’m done. I don’t like the person I become when I watch it; I can’t imagine how much it changes you taking part in it.

I need programming that helps me celebrate being a woman, programming that teaches me that it’s ok to be smart, rich AND female, not more programming that makes me ashamed to be a woman.

Now if I could just find some...


BRUNO said...

WHAT??? Hell, don't look at ME---I only get Over-The-Air TV, by usin' a piece of chicken-wire, an' three rusty coat hangers. And then only if the wind is out of the south, AND it's after sunset.(Sun-spot activity, ya' know!)No, honestly, I have a quite-sufficient antenna-system, really!

But also, in that same honesty, I only view approx. THREE-to-FIVE hours total each WEEK.

So a VERY-grateful "Thank-You", for reinforcing my thoughts on wondering IF I was missing anything in the name of entertainment...!

BBC said...

Female Producers, what’s your excuse? How could you participate in this denigrating charade?

Money..... Women will do anything for money, they're no smarter than men when it comes to that.

Shrinky said...

Sheesh, we don't get this show over here, but from what you say, sounds like it is no loss! (Unless you are talking about Desperate Housewives? Nahhhh, you can't be, I looooooooove that show!)