Saturday, March 27, 2010

get a life

My main website got hacked and some msg about Allah Akbaar was left in it's place.

Gotta love those non-destructive, "peace loving" Islamic people, huh?


Shrinky said...

Grrrrrrrrrrr, leaves you feeling slightly soiled and violated, doesn't it? There are a lot of saddo's out there, just a shame they seem compelled to share, eh?

BRUNO said...

I hear tell they make GREAT disposable targets, for the gunnery-range!

All about "Love Your Fellow-Man", ain't it?

THIS-time, the old "Winning The Hearts And Minds"-routine is being used again.

Except THIS time, it's coming towards US. And a LOT of US are "swallowing"-it.

But not ALL of US. And, I don't care what you do, or DON'T, wear on your head. Or how "Westernized" you make yourselves appear---we're STILL at war with you "RAG-HEADS", and always will be, to the end of "the OTHER-group", who still has difficulty "swallowing"!

There! That oughtta get the ol' hate-mail started!

BTW, hope it didn't get as far as your 'puter! Keep those firewalls ON!!!

BBC said...

As much as I pick on christians and muslims I'm surprised my site hasn't gotten hit. Well, a few christians have tried but they wasn't very good at it.

Not that it matters, if my sites go down I can just go camping, it's not like all this crap is changing the world for the better anyway.

*Goddess* said...

You're on Blogger, though, Billy. This is a .com.

BBC said...

What in the hell has that got to do with anything? Everything is on the Internut, but Blogger does have to keep their site clean and smooth without me doing much housekeeping.

Why in the hell would I want a .com to take care of myself?

*Goddess* said...

Well think about it. You're on Blogger, not a .com, so in order to get to you, they'd have to attack Google servers. I doubt they're that concerned about one person.

BBC said...

And I doubt that they give a crap about you. Even though I'm not clear about what you are saying.

But as I understand it, you have a job, a hubby, and kids. So what in the hell are you even on the Internut for?

Seems to me like they would take up all your time just as they did when I had such.

*Goddess* said...

My point is it's a hell of a lot easier to target ONE .com than an entire server full of blogs. Sigh.

I do have a job, hubby, offspring. What am I doing on the internet? Gawd forbid I have some enjoyments of my own, eh?