Friday, March 19, 2010

Five Things Friday lives on!

Tell me your five favorite songs.


Mushy said...

That's a tall order...there are just too many:

1. Smokestack Lightning
2. Smell That Smell
3. Tuesdays Gone
4. Paint It Black
5. Midnight Rider
6. Old Friend
7. Comfortably Numb
8. Young Lust
9. Have A Little Faith In Me
10. Death Letter

No way to pick just 5...

*Goddess* said...

Holy hell, I need to expand my horizons. I only recognized about three of those...

Shrinky said...

Frig, I need to come back - I need to think on it, and it's too early of a morn for such taxing stuff.

Hang on.. I need to check my i-pod.

Shrinky said...

Baaaaaaack! Like Mushy, five is impossible, ten is hard enough.

Say, how come yours aren't up? Spill! Okay, here we go, in no particular order..

1. Life on Mars - David Bowie

2. Under Pressure - Keane

3. Fairytale of New York - The Pouges

4. Ain't no cure for love - Leonard Cohen

5. Wishing Well - Free

6. White rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

7. Slim, slow slider - Van Morrison

8. Good Year for the roses - Elvis Costello

9. Labelled with love - Squeeze

10. Table for One - Liz Phair

Damn, I've just thought of a couple more -

11. Those three days - Lucinda Williams

12. Silent all those years - Tori Amos

Oh, I've ust remembered - ah sod it, this'll have to do (sigh).

BRUNO said...

Yeah, I KNOW it ain't FRIDAY! I'm late!(A fella has to take time to shit, even if only occasionally...!)
Aw, HELL! SO many more than just ten! But in a cracked-nutshell: Top 40's R&R hits, between the mid-'60's to the mid-'80's. But a few I catch myself singing in my sleep, but not necessarily in order of preference:

1. Got My Mind Set On You---George Harrison.

2. Leyla(sp?)---Eric Clapton's slow, bluesy-version.

3. I Feel Good---James Brown.

4. Roll With It---Steve Winwood.

5. And of course, pretty much ANYTHING 'Stones!


*Goddess* said...

PHEW! FINALLY some songs I recognize! I know all of yours, Bruno, but only one of Shrinky's--White Rabbit!

BRUNO said...

Oh my God!!!

You're admitting that you're almost---OLD!!!

Welcome to the Land Of Pain, where creaks, pops, snaps, an' farts don't count!

Only way t' get "POINTS" is if ya' BREAK, or RUPTURE somethin'...!

*Goddess* said...

"Almost," my ass, dude. I'm THERE. Sigh.

Mushy said...

I have an MP3 file that contains 815 of my all time favorite songs. It spans from the late 50s to last weeks releases! It's varied and makes my time on the back porch enjoyable in the summertime. Ask Jeff!

Those 10 didn't even scrap the surface and they aren't all older than you!