Monday, March 22, 2010

dirty joke o' the day

Q. What's the difference between a fox and a pig?

A. Several drinks.

And a bonus joke!

Q. What do you call two homosexuals named "Bob"?

A. Oral Roberts


BRUNO said...

Both funny AND interesting!☺

And now, for my parting-shot: Isabella waved good-bye to Columbus, while standing on the dock.

Isabella, she waved her handkerchief.

Columbus waved his cock...!

(Aww, BULL! You KNOW you liked it!!!)

Shrinky said...

Not sure if it was you or Bruno who made me groan the most here! (Wink)

Mushy said...

I love the first one...the second one is confusing me!?

BRUNO said...

Why do I feel as though I'm suddenly trespassing on GODDESS'-blog?(Oh well, obviously she's not at home, so I might as well clean-out the fridge while I'm here!)
The second-one is from a confused-mind anyway, so go figure?

Think CADENCE. Think slower, "silent"-cadence, for marching.

Think of one drunk SeaBee, in competition with an equally-drunk Infantryman---an' there's your answer.

And, fortunately for all---they get MUCH WORSE as it goes along!

But for now, I'd better get the hell outta Dodge, before "Blondie" gets back home........!☺

*Goddess* said...

Oh, I don't think he's "confused", Bruno, I think he's dickin' with

BTW, I NEVER keep anything good in the fridge! Too obvious a place. If it must be refrigerated, I just eat it. I TAKE NO CHANCES!! If it doesn't need refrigerated, I totally hide it!

BRUNO said...

"DICKIN'" with me? Now, THAT'S disgusting!(But, a SUPER-response!)

I'll have you know I sat-up all night long on the shitter because of YOU!


Because I mistook that GREEN-potato salad---way-y-y-y in the back of the fridge where even Mr.G couldn't(didn't!)find it---as a St. Paddy's Day salute, instead of "Blonde-Intuition"...!!!

Mushy said...

It's still a stretch for me and it still sucks! No puns intended.

BRUNO said...

"Oh, NOW I see!" exclaimed the blind-man, after stepping in the gargantuan-sized pile of shit, left by the once-constipated elephant.

He's confused about YOUR second-one, GODDESS!

And, he's right---it very-well COULD suck, indeed.......!

*Goddess* said...

OK, maybe it blows, but how confusing can "oral" and "roberts" be? If ya have to explain it, it's just not worth it. Besides, if I, a BLONDE, can get it, why can't he?! That defies logic!

BRUNO said...

To quote YOU: "Pffft, LOGIC! My ASS!"

OK, maybe you DIDN'T actually SAY it---but, you "thunk"-it, didn't ya'???