Wednesday, February 10, 2010

when the snow starts a fallin' there's a man you should be a callin'

Mr. G called and asked me to meet him on the upper street when he came home from work. Yeah, we shoveled him OUT the other day and since we got another 12 or 14 inches last night/today, we had to shovel him IN this time.

The place where he parks is right across from a neighbor who has a plow. I kept hoping he'd come out and tell me he was going to plow, but no such luck so I started shoveling. I had his space almost cleaned out when the neighbor came out and said, "I'm going to plow that later and I can plow a spot for your husband." I said, "Well, he's on his way home now, and since our driveway is plowed shut, I have to make a space for him now." Then he goes into the house and I finish shoveling all the heavy stuff away from the road and get to the lighter stuff. I was standing around waiting for my husband to show up so I could help him cover his car and the neighbor comes out of the house and yells, "You go on home and I'll get my plow out now."

Weeeee! I'm finished NOW.

As I'm standing there waiting for my husband, another neighbor comes up over the hill, passes me, then backs up and says, "If you move, I'll plow you a spot." Sigh.

Where were all you plow guys fifteen minutes ago?!

Anyway, it was nice of them to help out...after the fact.

Here's the lesson for the day, ladies: when you have a lot of shoveling to do, and there are men in the neighborhood with plows on their trucks, shovel a tiny bit at a time and just stand there, leaning against your shovel looking helpless and blonde.


BRUNO said...

Naw, HERE'S where you "screwed-up": You told them your HUSBAND was comin' home!

"If they's a-ringer on the finger, then they's a lock on the c---aww, nevermind!

BLONDE goes to the core...!

Shrinky said...

You're losing your touch, silly one.. you are meant to slip up to their door, armed with high heels and plunging neckline, and sweetly ask if you can (pretty please) borrow their plough?? Makes 'em feel good and macho. (wink)

BRUNO said...

(Hey, GODDESS: Is she talkin' to YOU, or to ME???)

*Goddess* said...

If she's talking to me, she's talking to the wrong person. If I pulled that stunt, they'd leave me snowed in all winter!

BTW, some women are NOT 'blonde to the core':) LOL

BRUNO said...

Well, if the drift was in front of "The Blue Oyster"??? Nah, pumps make my legs look fat!

And as for "non-blonde to the core": Point well taken.

Peroxide really CAN do wonders...!