Tuesday, February 16, 2010

there is a season turn turn turn

Last night my gf tried to talk me into going to John Murtha's viewing.

I'm like, "I've never seen this guy alive, why would I want to see him now?"

She actually tried to lure me in with the old secret service/cops will be there routine.

Didn't work.

The woman I take care of in the morning was watching the funeral service on TV today. While they were waiting for the hearse to move to the cemetery, the local news dipshit was interviewing the FLORIST.

Gawd, you know they're just trying to fill air time when they interview the dude who arranged the flowers...


BRUNO said...

You just KNEW I was gonna come over here, didn't you?

That's it---jus' keep-on pokin' that big ol' fat-bear, an' you'll end-up just like Goldilocks(a BLONDE, no less!)did, with the big, bad-assed WOLF...!

(How'd that "story" ever turn out, anyway???)

BRUNO said...

Well, it took me 24-hours, but I suddenly realized GOLDILOCKS was with The Three-Beers---er, BEARS!---instead.

(Sigh-h-h---you can use all the Grecian Formula 16 in the world if ya' want, but it'll NEVER cover-up a "GREY"-moment...☺!)