Thursday, February 25, 2010

riders on the storm

I listened to the tv weather report on snowstorm central, and the weatherman speculated that we would have "high winds, blowing and drifting snows, downed power lines and trees, whiteouts, and possible road closings."

Hell, he stopped just short of saying Jesus was coming.

The radio weather report?

"Two to four inches of snow...."


BRUNO said...

Well, other than the high-winds, more snow, and power-outages, it sounds like a pretty-good forecast, overall!

I dunno if even JESUS could make it?

Maybe with a shovel in his RIGHT-hand, an' a bag of ice-melt in his LEFT???

I wouldn't look for Him much before the middle of next week, if I were you...!

*Goddess* said...

I think Jesus must be visiting Hawaii this weekend...

And I won't expect him anytime soon since we're supposed to get ANOTHER STORM on Tuesday. Sigh.