Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I put food out for the birds--some bread, sunflower seeds and peanuts-- and I looked out a few minutes later and there was a big fat squirrel sitting in the middle of the pan eating all of the peanuts, not letting any of the birds have any.
What a pig!

DUDE, that is not cool! Wait your turn. I'm eating here.


BRUNO said...

Bread, seeds AND NUTS, too???

Think I'LL come sit at the base of your tree for the winter, as well...!

*Goddess* said...

Yep and when the dog isn't there to eat it, I toss in some peanut butter or fruit suet! It's a regular smorgasbord!

BRUNO said...

Sometimes, I'll just tap on a cob-full of corn, onto a short-length of swingin' chain, an' sit back n' watch the circus!

Shrinky said...

I thought squirrels were meant to hybernate?? Oh hang on, that's BEARS, right?

Ah well, guess it could be worse then, huh? I miss squirrels, we don't have any on the island. I can't say as how I miss any bears (and like they say, what you've never had, and all that..)

BRUNO said...

Shrinky's got a point, here---but the lil' buggers don't seem to want to co-operate this season!

But then again, if you keep feedin' ME, well, I ain't goin' to bed, either...!