Friday, February 19, 2010

it's a family affair

I can't believe Sarah Palin is making such a huge deal about the episode of Family Guy in which a character with Downs Syndrome tells Chris that her dad was an accountant and her mother was "the former governor of Alaska."

Sarah is outraged and says it's an insult to her son with Downs. How is that an insult to her son? Guess she's not even clever enough realize it's a comment directed at HER.

As for the "retard" issue, I'm curious as to which side of the fence Sarah stands on? She was insulted when Rahm Emanuel said the word "retard" but wasn't so offended when her good buddy Rush Limbaugh said it because oh, that's right, Rush was "using satire".

I had a sibling with Downs, and for the record, I have NEVER liked the word "retard" in ANY form. Satire or not. It's meant as an insult and it's used to make someone feel stupid. And if someone is your TRUE friend, as Palin thinks good old Rush is, they would respect your stance on the issue, and not use the word at all.

Did I find Family Guy episode insulting to my late sister? Hardly. It was a dig at Sarah Palin, and not even a very clever one. Don't drag the entire Down's Syndrome community into this with your self-righteous indignation, Ms. Palin.

What I really find insulting is that Sarah Palin actually thinks Family Guy is going to handle this sort of issue with sensitivity and intelligence. GMAFB. Family Guy is deliberately crude and rude, and anybody with a lick of sense who has seen the show knows that.


Juliana said...

THANK YOU for posting, I totally agree with you. She is totally overreacting about EVERYTHING!

*Goddess* said...

I think it's called "keeping yourself in the public eye". In her case, it's more than a tad irritating.