Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'll second that!



BRUNO said...

Well, it IS just around the corner. But the problem is: YOU-UNS' up-theah need to FIND that damned corner, first!

What's it melted-down to, now? About a FOOT or so?

Oh, almost forgot---☺!

*Goddess* said...

BITE ME!! And you KNOW there's another storm coming tomorrow night. I'd be totally pissed off if I didn't see an opportunity to take off work

BRUNO said...

DAMN!!! Beat me to it!

I was just gettin' ready to send you another NOAA/NWS-updated forecast map!

Oh, well---I've PLENTY of time yet, for the NEXT-one. Or TWO.

After all, there's a whole FOUR-months, before it's JULY, yet...!

FHB said...

we had two inches and got a snow day. I know, LOL.

*Goddess* said...

Pussies! I swear....then again, we wouldn't want your hurricanes either;)