Tuesday, February 02, 2010

i believe that you can rescue me

As I come to the end of season five of Rescue Me, I have to wonder if this entire season is a dream? Or a bad joke. Tommy is able to get his entire family drinking again in one evening, including his staunchest anti-drinking alley, Father Mickey? Makes no sense.

I was LMAO when both Shelia and Janet told Tommy they'd have sex with him "no strings attached" and he was dumb enough to believe it. For a supposedly "rugged" fireman, it amazes me how pussy whipped this guy is. It also amazes me that he's never short on cash. I never knew the FDNY paid so well.

One high point of season five was the introduction of Maura Tierney's character. She's the fireman's version of a badge bunny, going after any of the firemen she can get. I hear she might be back next season.

And I'm willing to bet $ that the woman Jimmy had an affair with was Janet.

BTW, does anyone know what happened to Michael J. Fox's character? I don't think he added a damn thing to the show, but suddenly he was gone. Maybe I missed a show, but I don't remember them explaining his absence.

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