Tuesday, February 09, 2010

hey soul sister ain't that mister mister on the radio

I am once again I am a sugar free me. And I. HATE, IT.

I hate everything about it except for the fact that my joints feel so much better. But mostly I feel like I'm being punished for something and I can't have anything sweet or good in my life!!!!


Going without sugar is like PMS'ing 24/7. In other words, the people are me around me are suffering as much as I am. HA! I almost feel sorry for them.

I was going to open a can of beets to have with my burger tonight at suppertime, and I glanced at the label to check the ingredients, positive that I was going to see "beets, water". Those assholes at DelMonte added salt and SUGAR to beets. As if they aren't sweet enough. Thanks, DelMonte. One more thing I can't have.

An odd thing I noticed is whenever I go "sugar free," I begin craving fats, and I have no idea why. I crave things like bacon--real bacon, not that turkey crap. But I don't like it fully cooked. I crave that fatty part. Weird. I swear I could eat two of those bacon sandwiches from Tony's in one sitting. Minus the buns, of course! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

My husband said, "You must be missing something."

I said, "What? Fat? Hell, I'm trying to get RID of that! That's the whole point of going sugar free."


BRUNO said...

BEETS!!! Shit!!!

Just a picture of BEETS make me wanna PUKE!(And this from someone who LIKES fried-OKRA!)

BEETS! Gods' revenge for healthy-eating...!

*Goddess* said...

I heart beets! Esp right out of the can. I thought it was because they were so doggone healthy. Now I know it's because they're loaded with additional sugar!

BRUNO said...


I SPIT on your beets!!! (SP-P-P-ITT!)

Dammit! Cain't SPIT! My SNOT is got me all froze-shut!

Well, then, I'll just KICK the damned can into one of your snow-drifts! (KICK!) OW-W-W!!! I wish you'd bought the SLICED-ones, instead!


Mushy said...

Ah, you're just trying to be like Ellen!

*Goddess* said...

A lesbian? lol