Friday, February 26, 2010

Five Things Friday!!

Tell me five things you love about your life.

I'll start:
1. We paid off our (not so) humble abode! YAY!
2. I saw a really HOTT cop on the way to work today! Double YAY!
3. Dove makes peanut butter eggs!
4. The upcoming snowstorm affords me a chance at an unexpected day off of work. Keep your fingers crossed, kids!
5. The birds like me better than Mr. G!


BRUNO said...

#1.---BITE-ME!!! I HATE happy-people, especially when I ain't one of 'em!

#'s 2.-thru-5.:Refer to answer at #1....

FHB said...

Lovely Bruno, Just lovely.

OK, #1... No i ain't gonna do it. I feel like an asshole for bragging as it is.

Hmmm, maybe...

OK, #1. I've finally started to make enough money to live well... By my standards.

#2. I paid off my cards and can now start saving for more indebtedness in the future (big payments on another house or fast car).

#3. I've got the coolest friends, but most of them are online and i can't see them as much as I want to.

#4. I have a woman in my life who loves me to death... But who knows where that'll go.

#5. I love my job(s). I really do. My work rocks, most of the time.

There, that wasn't to shitty, was it?

BRUNO said...

How about five-things I HATE? That'd be easier!

I'll use FHB-here for my "example".(Yeah, it's risky---he knows where I live!)

1. I've got 2-cards. One with a $1000.-limit. The other a Debt-ONLY---need I say more? Didn't think so!

2. See #1. above.

3. Coolest-friends/online.(Psst---that's because they can turn ya' OFF whenever they please, an' blame it on a "server-glitch"!)

4. "Mr. Rogers, here! It's a beautiful day, isn't it? Now, todays' word is---PALIMONY! Can YOU say, PALIMONY???"

And, 5. Poor man. He needs to QUIT his job(s), so's he can BITCH about being BORED!

(Jeff: This Re: kinda reminds me of that "English-101"-e-mail you sent earlier...!)