Wednesday, January 20, 2010

quoth the Raven, "Mind your own damn bidness!"

I was reading an article about the mystery visitor to Edgar Allen Poe's grave. This person(s?) has been coming for 60 years and leaves three roses and a half bottle of cognac. I can only assume they drink other half of the cognac while driving to the cemetery and the florist. Now I know what you're thinking: Goddess, who the hell is the lucky recipient of the 30 bottles of Cognac all these years, cuz it's exactly what I was thinking!

What cheesed me off even more than knowing some lucky person was getting all this free booze, was the fact that there were a group of people waiting to see this person. And yet, they were completely clueless as to why the visits might have stopped. What's worse is that they plan to continue the vigil for two or three more years, thus effectively driving the person underground.

My guess is the person decided to drink the entire bottle of cognac this year while screaming, "Screw Poe! He's dead anyway! He'll never miss this delicious cognac!" Oh, wait that's what I said I would do. Never mind....

Why can't we let the person have their privacy? Obviously they thought enough of Poe to do this for over 60 years, so it was very personal to someone. Butt out, people, and get a life. Maybe you could start a new tradition by leaving some cognac and flowers on the stoop in front of my trailer? I promise I won't be the least bit interested in your identity if you do.

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BRUNO said...

Believe it or not, this ol' "scrod" knows of the story of "Poes'Annual Boozefest"!

All these "mystery-busters" are ruining one of the most PERFECT mysteries in history. And yeah, "DUH-H-H-H, I wonder why he/she has stopped showing up?" And, YES, the half-bottle, and the three-roses has something to do his writings, or some sort of pact---I dunno, the only Poe that I can remember was a Drill Instructor, an' we all wished that HE would wake-up dead some morning!

But back to THIS Poe. Seems like I read once, these visitors had a way of leaving the items, and NEVER having been seen, by HUMAN eyes. It wasn't until todays' more tech-equipped "Ghostbusters" got into the act that it was effectively ruined, by their commercialization of the event.(That's a 35-cent word, back there!)

But maybe I've got the story wrong. If so, somebody iron ma' ass out...!