Thursday, January 14, 2010

I *used* to like Brian Williams

I was flipping channels tonight and I saw a bit of the NBC Nightly News. Brian Williams was in Haiti reporting on the earthquake.

He said something along the lines of, "It's not too often anyone can muster a smile around here, let alone a little boy who just lost his home."

It showed the small boy smiling for the camera, hopefully oblivious to all that he'd lost. Then Brian Williams says to the boy's adult companion, "Ask him what happened to his home."

WTH? The child was experiencing a moment of joy, and Williams had to take that away. If you make the boy cry on camera, does that make for a better story? Possibly a journalism award? Brian Williams ought to be ashamed of himself.


BBC said...

Brian Williams, don't watch him. And I don't care what happens to Haiti, they are a bunch of idiots there as I've been saying on my blog.

*Goddess* said...

Lots of compassion for your fellow man. That's what I like to hear.

BRUNO said...

Well, as it has come to be expected of me---see next paragraph.

Unfortunate as it seems, I DO agree with at least one-third of what BBC-says. Why? Two reasons.

ONE. Brian Williams. There is NO such thing as NEWS anymore. It's all about who's the first to throw the shit in the fan---regardless of which "political-persuasion" you claim. And NBC seems to hold the #1-spot for such.(I don't claim to be either Rep. or Dem.---I just claim to be "a little to the RIGHT"-side of the fence.)

Oh, and TWO: There's a reason that tourists and/or cruise-lines DON'T stop there INTENTIONALLY---it's generally hazardous to your health, literally!

Haiti is NOT the Dominican Republic---even though they share a border.

The previously-unacknowledged truth about Haiti will show itself in the next few days, when it's discovered who, or what, REALLY runs that "country".

In a brutal sort of way, this is probably the BEST thing to happen to Haiti in more than 300-years.

OK. Who can I "rip" next...???

PRH....... said...

whew! BBC is one bitter asshole, isn't he? Of course most hardcore athetists I know are the most bitter/miserable folks on the planet.

But his opinions, while not totally spot on, have a point, as my friend Bruno says....

Obummer and Company want to throw money at the problems in Haiti...this can't be done, well it can be done, but it won't do a bit of good. A total overthrow of the corrupt government is in order, but you know who will foot that bill.

Bend Over American Taxpayers!

*Goddess* said...

Don't we always foot the bill for everything that doesn't benefit us....