Friday, January 08, 2010

dawn of the dinosaurs

Watched Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs tonight. Sid steals three baby dinosaur eggs and Mama Dinosaur comes to find them. She takes Sid along with her babies back to her home and the Ice Age gang follows, trying to find Sid.

John Leguizamo was funny as Sid the sloth. He saved a turkey from being eaten by baby dinosaurs by grabbing him and running to the edge of the cliff. "Go, fly! Be free!" He tosses him off the cliff, then adds, "Little flightless bird..."

Simon Pegg was very good as mad weasel Buck Wild, telling the possums stories of how he met the monster Rudy.
The Possums: "Were you killed?"
Buck Wild: "Sadly, yes. But I lived."

But the funniest part of this Ice Age was trying to imagine Queen Latifah and Ray Romano having a baby together...


BRUNO said...

I'm gettin' to where I stick with the original---or "first in line"---with these kinds of movies.

Seems like every time they add a sequel, it just gets more "campy" each time, as they strive to make some semblance of a rational "point".

(Damn, I really SHOULD start my own version of the former Siskel & Ebert. Call it "Bruno & 'Becca" or somethin'?)

BBC said...

Um, okay.

BBC said...

I watched things I was doing around here that would make my life work better, I don't have a lot of time for movies.