Friday, January 22, 2010

"clean up on aisle three"

I was at work today and the lady I take care of asked me to mop her kitchen floor. Now this woman is a TAD frugal. And when I say "frugal" I mean "cheap as all get out". She has one of those OLD, OLD, OLD floor mops. I don't know what the strings are made of, but it's not cotton fibers. It has more of a rubbery feel to the "strings". I can remember having them at home when I was little. I couldn't find a picture of them on the internet, though.

[I'm sure some of you old geezers--yes, Bruno, I mean you--will know what it's made of. I swear you should start an "Ask Bruno" page. I know I have plenty of questions. LOL!]

Anyway, she says to me, "Should I buy a new mop?"

I said, "No. I don't think you should rush into the 21st century. Take your time."


BRUNO said...

I've already GOT a page like that: It's called "Screw-Off, You Ignorant, Clueless-Pricks!" But for some reason, I've gotten PLENTY of visits, but NO questions???

But, just for YOU: I think that sort of "Early-Americana"-mop was designed as a polyester-mix, so when you mopped-up puke, shit, or thick yellow-orange piss, it wouldn't "stick" permanently to the mop-fibers, for a long-lasting "clean" mop-head. Which done away with that whole pesky-schedule of "change me, I STINK!"-thing!

(Hey, it sounds good-'nuff to ME! Especially considering the FEE that I charge for such "knowledge"!)

*Goddess* said...

Hmm, not sure, but maybe the title of your page is a tad off putting? lol

Ooooh, is that why they made mops out of that crappy stuff? I hate it. It BELONGS back in the 60's!

BRUNO said...

LOL! Damned if I know for certain! But it sure as hell got your attention!

When I hear MOP, I can't help but think of Groundskeeper Willy, of The Simpsons, with that Gaelic-accent: "Yah, liv-it to Willy, ta' mupp da' pewke...!"