Friday, January 08, 2010

ain't it the trufh?

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BRUNO said...

Twenny-minutes ago! DAYMN, I'm faste!

I know it's "just a cartoon", but like YOU put it: "Ain't it the truth!"

And BTW---whether the "lit-police" want to admit it or not: AIN'T has become an official werd! Don't believe it? "Spell-Check" says OK!

What's that one they use in "the ferr-nor-east" like VT, NH??? Is it "A-a-a-yeh" for "yep"?

I'd love to visit that area some day. I thank aah'd fit rawght in-dere, in good-tawm! But it IS a furr-piece frum heah!

(But WERD ain't made no sitch pro-gress as yet, fer replacin' WORD! 'Cept'n back n-yheah in da'-stiks...!)