Tuesday, December 15, 2009

well my face is red...

I had two web pages open on my browser earlier: one story from Bruno about Vegas FINALLY (FINALLY!!!) getting legalized male prostitutes, and another on how to make better chocolate chip cookies.

I was emailing my gf and I sent her the link to the chocolate chip cookie recipe, along with the note, "I can't wait to try this!"

She wrote back saying, "REALLY???!!! Won't hubby care?"

I said, "Why in the world would he care? They sound delish."

Alas, I'd sent her the link to the male prostitutes story.


BRUNO said...

Oh, dear---that's so NOT GOOD!!!

"They sound delish!"

Oh, Goddess!!! Why must you be so, so---BLONDE!

LOL!!! As Sgt. Emery would say:"Well, con-grad-u-la-tions maggot---you've earned my respect!"

(Or, as Goddess here might add: "Oy.")!

BTW---what whorehouse did ya' send the chocolate-chip recipe to???

BRUNO said...

Good ol' Nestle's Whorehouse---er, I meant---TOLL-house cookies!!!

Sorry! Just like an Ex-Lax brownie---I HAD to get it out of my system.......!