Saturday, December 05, 2009

we have achieved winter!

We have our first official snow and our first official snow plowing!!

Now this is not to be confused with a REAL snow because in that case, you wouldn't see the snow plow at all.

No, this is one of those snows where you can still see grass in places, which seems to bring the snow plow guys out in full force. Days that also bring the snow plow guys out in full force are at the END of winter when the roads are just wet, it's sunny, but snowflakes are flying! And so are the sparks from the back of the plow as the blade scrapes bare road.

This type of snow also brings out the neighbor GUY (women aren't this gullible) who just got a new snow blower toy and is anxious to try it out. This is usually the same neighbor GUY who is thrilled he doesn't have to ride his riding lawn mower anymore cuz it's such hard work. Oh, for the first few days of this glorious snow, he'll be blowing and clearing everything in his way. Path for the dog to pee? No problem. Path to get to the shed to get the snow blower out? Why that's essential. Path to the bird feeders? You got it. Three more weeks into winter and he'll realize that snow blowing is more work than cutting grass because he can't sit on his ass to do it.


BRUNO said...


Well, hey, I mean---it really IS!

Aww, forget it! I'll try to pull out a fast-one tomorrow---my batteries are shot for tonight...!

BRUNO said...

Whoa, now wait a minute---I just couldn't pass this up, I had to come back: "Women aren't this gullible!"

And just WHO was it a few weeks' ago, that was wanting a John Deere harvester---complete with a 30-foot header!---to mow their LAWN with???

I seem to recall that it was some "chick" in Pennsylvania...???

BBC said...

No snow here yet, but we don't get much snow here even though I live in Washington state. It's where I live here that makes the difference.

Anymore just a little snow bothers me, cold really bothers me. I should move down by the equator where it's decent year around.

*Goddess* said...

Hey, I own an ACRE, buddy! Anything under an acre does NOT require a John Deere. HA!