Saturday, December 12, 2009

the scoop, the dip and the 411

Our radio Santa sucks.

I'm listening to the kids talking to Santa, and I must admit, they're clever little stinkbugs. Santa asks, "Have you been good this year?" and of course, they all lie and say 'yes', but when Santa asks them HOW they've been good, the little buggers all know what Santa wants to hear..."helping people".

Now this is where Santa pisses me off. Instead of calling them on this, Santa just says, "Ok, then." WRONG! We need the scoop, the dip and the 411. Santa should ask them HOW they're 'helping people'. Hell, one of my offspring helped themselves to a stranger's wallet, does that mean he should get that GI Joe doll he's been dogging me about?! Well, I guess that's a moot point since he bought himself one with the money he stole, saving me the trouble of buying it with my Southern Comfort money, but you follow the way I've drifted.

As this holiday season reaches it's "climax" may I just remind you of this nasty little affair between Santa and Furkey Joe...

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