Wednesday, December 09, 2009

oh the weather outside is frightful

Driving to and from work last night was a NIGHTMARE. When I left home, we had gotten a light covering of snow and were getting sleet. In the next two boroughs and into the city, the streets were just wet.

Ten minutes after I got to work, I looked outside and the streets were covered with snow. On the way home it was snowing until I got into my township and we were back to the sleet and freezing rain.

It was like driving in sand, and it instantly brought to mind the older cars that used to fishtail in bad weather. Ick.

Of course, I managed to get behind the one person who decided the weather reports had nothing to do with him, and he was going to hang onto those summer tires with both hands. Sigh.

Oh, to be rich and retired!!!!


BRUNO said...

It's PA., where "excessive" is NORMAL!

Just imagine that sleet as a warm, shifting beach-full of sand, on the shores of Waikiki, and you have the baddest surf-buggy on the boardwalk!

And instead of the pissed-off cop who's gesturing as to WHERE and HOW you can park that "iceball from hell"---just imagine him as a dark-skinned Polynesian HOTT-cop, whispering sweet nothings to a lost, lonely visitor!

Of course, it'd be your luck that it's a 300-pound FEMALE meter-maid, who just moved there from the Bronx...!

BBC said...

I grew up on winter roads and for a few years drove race cars also. I've seldom used winter tires, I can make a car go and stop when many others can't.

It's those others that I have to watch out for. Anyway, it's just cold here, no snow to speak of and the streets are not icy.

I don't normally put my beer in a fridge but had to bring it inside cuz it was freezing it out there.

It well pass, we have pretty mild winters here all and all even though I'm pretty far north.

*Goddess* said...

COPS?! Like there were any cops out that night. Hell, they were as scarce as a snow plow in a snow storm;)

*Goddess* said...

You have 'mild winters,' Billy and you live in the North?! North what? Hawaii?